WithMe Community Guidelines

Last updated: August 22, 2022

WithMe is your community. It’s where you hang out with your friends and make new friends. We took care of some things so you and your friends can feel comfortable and make WithMe your place. 

These guidelines list what’s okay and not okay when using the WithMe app or in our WithMe Discord Server, including chat, messages, drawings, role-play, bios, and usernames. As part of this community, it’s expected that you will follow these guidelines. If you do not, you might lose access to parts of the app or we may block your access completely.  

These guidelines will change over time, so be sure to check back often to make sure you understand them.

Be Your Genuine & Unique Self

  • Have fun – probably the simplest guideline we have.
  • Celebrate your interests and the things you like.
  • Let us know your ideas on how to make this app even better.


  • Introduce yourself – share what makes you, so uniquely, you.
  • Join conversations and games and invite others to conversations and games.
  • Make friends and use the tools within the WithMe community to stay in touch.


  • Be nice. The easiest way to encourage others to be nice is to be nice yourself.
  • Review these guidelines regularly.
  • Walk away from conversations you don’t want to participate in.
  • Block users you don’t want to be around.
  • Report issues when you see them.
  • You can choose to activate CleanerChat in your settings if you prefer to see and use less colorful language than others.


The privacy of each WithMe member’s information is very important to us and we want you to know we take this very seriously.

  • Personal Info 
    • Making friends involves sharing information about yourself – your day to day activities, your hopes and dreams, and sometimes your contact info. Only share what you are comfortable with sharing – do not feel the need to offer information about yourself if you do not want to.
    • Be careful to remember you are in a public space with other people around you and that you may not be just giving that info to the one person you are talking to.
    • Some of your personal information is tied to your account and logging in, so be extra careful with it. Your phone number and your password should not be shared within the app.
    • Do not attempt to acquire someone else’s login information or make attempts to login as another user, with or without their permission.
  • Age Misrepresentation
    • This community is for people 13 years of age and older. You are expected to register with your actual age and represent yourself as your actual age while you are in the app.


We know that you want a safe place, so here are some things we’re keeping an eye on to make sure you have a good time.  If you need extra help, please reference our Resources page.

  • Bullying/Harassment – WithMe is about building friendships, so we do not have room in our community for bullying or harassment.
    • Do not participate in hate speech or be hateful to others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, appearance, medical condition, family situation, disability, or any other protected group.
    • Do not target individuals to degrade, shame, or threaten them. This includes wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm.
    • Do not post personal information about others.
    • Do not promote, encourage, or glorify violence, including self harm, suicide, terrorism, violent extremism, animal cruelty, or similar topics.
  • Inappropriate / Disruptive / Vulgar Behavior – Passionate discussions happen. People get upset and say things in the heat of the moment. However continuing such behavior to the extreme where all other participants in the chat are offended is not okay.
    • Do not be disruptive, abusive, or vulgar in your posts, messages, bios, usernames, drawings, or chats.
    • Do not be vulgar, abusive, or sexually explicit in conversations, role-playing, or drawings, especially when others in the conversation have expressed offense.
    • Do not monopolize or disrupt the flow of a chat room by sending repeated characters or words. If others are asking you to stop, you may be negatively impacting others’ experiences.
  • Harm to MinorsWithMe is a community that includes young people, so harm to teens and children will not be tolerated in any way.
    • We have zero tolerance for the exploitation of children or minors, sexually or otherwise. Law enforcement will be involved when necessary.
    • We do not allow explicit sexual conversations or behaviors. This includes, but is not limited to, explicit conversations, drawings, and role-play, the solicitation of minors, and sexually explicit or pornographic references or links.
    • Do not discuss, incite, promote, roleplay, or otherwise participate in illegal activities for minors & adults within the WithMe community, including, but not limited to, consumption or roleplay of tobacco/drugs/alcohol.


A big part of friendship is respect, so we want to be sure to respect each other on WithMe, as well as our community, our app, and other people’s time and rights.

  • Do not impersonate or represent WithMe or our staff.
  • Do not share, give away, trade, or sell your account.
  • Do not post links to fraudulent websites or phishing sites.
  • Do not harvest usernames, avatar names, addresses, homepage URLs or email addresses for any purpose other than your personal use in your interactions on WithMe.
  • Do not post any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, ‘junk mail’, ‘spam’, ‘chain letters’, ‘pyramid schemes’, or any other form of such solicitation.
  • Do not engage in any activity that is meant to alter or interfere with WithMe’s site, apps, products or operations by employment of 3rd party scripts, code, bots, etDo not remove, hide, or obscure access to WithMe tools used to report a user or their behavior.
  • Do not take advantage of bugs or glitches, if you encounter them, in a manner that is malicious and fraudulent. We expect you to report such issues to WithMe and not use them as workarounds to bypass our policies and guidelines. Failure to follow this guideline has consequences and may result in action against your account.
  • Do not violate others’ intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark. 

We are here for you

In addition to helping uphold these guidelines, we have provided a variety of tools for you to help maintain the positive culture on WithMe, including features to help you report issues, block users who are bothering you, as well as features to help you give feedback on activities inside the app, keep track of and message new friends, and even filtering your chat experience. Our Help Center can give you more information on all of these features and help you with common questions on how to use them.

The WithMe team is here to help you, including reviewing all reported issues, reviewing community activities and escalating issues to authorities when necessary.